Pavana Matha Girls' Hostel

Contact Number:8547674822; 6282615410;944613 7438

St. Dominic's College is proud of its multi-storyed residential facility christened Pavana Matha Girls' Hostel. It's a newly constructed imposing building with state-of-the-art facilities and serene ambience conducive to both curricular and cocurricular activities.

Owned and managed by the college management, the hostel is under the able supervision of the reverend sisters of Franciscan Clarist Congregation(FCC). It is spacious enough to accommodate 190 students and teachers who cherish pleasant stay and is situated within the college campus itself with only 20 meters off the main block. The hostel offers spiritual succour as well to the inmates by arranging Holy Mass for the Catholic students. The hostel also ensures holistic food, neat and comfortable shelter, well- furnished study halls and an eco -friendly milieu.