The Counselling Cell

The service of a team of professional counsellors is made available to the students. It is the duty of class teachers to identify the needy students. Special attention is given to students who fail in semester examinations. Review sessions are also conducted for necessary cases. In certain situations, parents of the students are also made part of the counselling sessions.

Tele- Counselling facility is also made available to students on all days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

In order to break the stigma in seeking counselling help, the Cell also conducts awareness programmes for students, parents and faculty.

Our team Of Counsellors

  • Dr. Sr. Ani Maria CMC, PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Fr. Robin Vattathara, MA MPhil
  • Sr. Tessin Maria, Family Counselor
  • Mr. Georgekutty Augusthy, Diploma in Counseling
  • Ms. Thressikutty Thomas, Diploma in Counseling
  • Mr. Abin C. Ubaid, Psychologist, JohnMarian Hospital

Teacher In Charge : Ms. Soumya Maria ( +919400316071 )