KARUTHAL – Care to Students and Community

“Karuthal” – An initiative of St. Dominic’s College with the following objectives;

  • Co-ordinate all non -academic student support activities of the college.
  • Extend a helping hand to the community in availing college facilities in a fruitful manner.
  • Create awareness among stakeholders and community about traffic rules and road safety, disaster management, life saving skills like first aid, swimming etc. and environmental protection.

PARIVARTAN - Initiatives for Wholesome Transformation of Students

An initiative to co- ordinate and implement programs aimed at the overall development and transformation of student community. It emphasizes on personality, career and moral growth along with academic growth, which makes every individual a worthy citizen of the nation, thereby fulfilling the mission of the college. The objectives include

  • Strengthening academic skills with add on courses.
  • Developing career skills, entrepreneurial skills and life skills.
  • Promoting a value based education and life.