Green Campus

Higher education institutions are considered role models in a community and should act as leaders in social and environmental responsibility. The college has adopted the ‘Green Campus’ system for environmental conservation and sustainability. The goal is to reduce pollution, manage natural resources in a sustainable manner, while creating an atmosphere where students can learn and be healthy. A team of faculty members comprising the Principal, Bursar, HoD of Botany, NSS program officers and volunteer secretaries and teacher-in-charge of Bhoomitrasena and a student representative of Bhoomitrasena is constituted for the auditing. The following objectives were set for the audit:

  • To provide support system to the College Administration for continuous growth and development of its human resources by way of identifying the strengths and weakness of existing system and providing an objective mechanism for it’s monitoring.
  • To train them and empower them to contribute and participate in the environmental protection.
  • To recognize, diagnose and resolve the environmental problems.
  • To recognize the initiative taken by the institution towards environment.
  • To reduce energy consumption to foster environment.
  • To set the procedure for eco-friendly disposal of all types of wastes.

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