Debate & Quiz Club


  • The club aims to develop oratory skills and general awareness of students who have aptitude in debating, elocution and quiz.
  • The club represents the college in various debate, elocution and quiz competitions across the state.


  • To provide a platform for students to hone their skills in debating, extemporing, quiz and essay writing.
  • To disseminate information about various competitions across the state.
  • To select the students to represent the college in such competitions and provide them with motivation and necessary guidance.


Membership of the club is open to students who have interest in debate, quiz ,elocution etc. On the basis of their aptitude and interest, members are divided into two groups- one for debating and the other for quizzing. The two groups along with teachers-in-charge meet at least once a month and conduct debates and quiz for the members. The club also organizes debate and quiz competitions at the college level.