Extension & Outreach Activities

The college extends its activities to the neighbouring community and society in general through various Extension and Outreach activities.

Academic Extension Activities

  • Faculty members delivering their expertise in various autonomous Colleges and other universities as Resource Persons, Board of Studies of various colleges, Examiners and Question paper setters.
  • Departments conduct various competitions for students of other colleges and schools, intended in spreading the subject as well as the importance of various days.
  • Conducting Seminars and Webinars on topics like Agriculture, Food Safety, COVID Pandemic and its aftereffects, Legal rights of women etc. and the contents are made available to common public through the college official channel and other social platforms.

The NSS, Charity Club, Bhoomitrasena Club and other Associations jointly organize many community outreach programmes like

  • Annual free eye checkup camps and follow-ups, in association with Lions Club and Little Flower Hospital Angamaly.
  • Provide assistance and training by Physical Education Department to various job aspirants for clearing their physical fitness test.
  • Cleaning of public places and other activities related to Swaach Bharat Abhiyan
  • Awareness on waste management, installation of bottle booths and distribution of cloth bags under Unnath Bharat Abhiyan Scheme.
  • Cleaning of nearby rivers and streams and construction of a Pachathuruthu.
  • Awareness programme on organic farming inside college and nearby community.
  • Participation in " Punyam Pookavanam " - Annual Cleaning for Sabrimala Pilgrimage.
  • Relief measures for flood affected areas and assistance during COVID 19 pandemic period.
  • Providing telecounseling facility during COVID Period.
  • Maintaining a herbal garden with rare medicinal plants and medicinal parts are provided to those who are in need on request.
  • Walkathons/Rallies/Flash Mobs highlighting various social and health issues.
  • Awareness on Gandhian principles and Indian Constitution through various programmes
  • Promoting sports activities in the regions by providing college ground and facilities to nearby schools to various sports events and practices.
  • Providing the college campus for morning walks for residents of nearby locality.