Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1982 with the introduction of B.Sc. Mathematics and was upgraded as a Post Graduate Department offering M.Sc. Mathematics in 1995. The Department has always been committed to its mission to.

  • Inculcate the sense of Mathematical Logic and Statistical Ability among students
  • Ignite young minds and empower them with skills for higher education and research
  • Equip students for academic progression into reputed institutions
  • Impart competencies for employment in the global job market.

The Department also offers add on courses on LaTeX typesetting and R programming. An open course on Applicable Mathematics is also offered by the department.

The Department with 7 faculty members and around 100 students consistently found its position in the top ten finishers among university examinations. A large number of alumni working in various institutions remain as the strength of the department.

Programme Seat Complementary Course Open Course Choice Based Course Syllabus
B. Sc. Mathematics Model I 32 Physics, Statistics Applicable Mathematics Operations Research View / Download
Programme Seat Elective Course Syllabus
M.Sc. Mathematics 10 1. Differential Geometry
2. Combinatorics
3. Algorithmic Graph Theory
View / Download

Dr. Shibu Manuel ( HOD )
Associate Professor
M.Sc. Ph.D

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Prof. Jisha Jacob
Associate Professor
M. Sc.

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Prof. Sony Joseph
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, B.Ed

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Prof. Anu Joy
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, B.Ed

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Prof. Prathish Abraham
Assistant Professor

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Prof. Rani Jose
Assistant Professor
M. Sc.

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Dr. Naiju M Thomas
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. , PhD in Statistics

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  • Add on / Certificate courses
  • Computer Lab with MATLAB and SPSS software
  • Smart Classroom



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Authors Year of Publication Title of Book / Chapter Publisher ISBN
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1. Member of Board of studies

Mrs. Jisha Jacob, UG Board of Studies in Mathematics (2018-2021)

Naiju M Thomas, UG Board of Studies in Statistics (2021-2024)

2. Research Guides

Dr. Naiju M Thomas, Research Guide in Statistics, St Thomas College, Palai

3. Major/ Minor Research Projects Awarded

Name Title of Project Funding Agency Amount in Rs
Jisha Jacob A Spectral Study of Graph UGC 1,35,000
Prathish Abraham An Analysis of Effectiveness of Student Support Systems in Individual Performance using Fuzzy Relations UGC 1.70.000

Student Achievements

  • Students consistently occupy positions among top ten in University Examinations
  • Placements in leading Banks like Federal Bank, South Indian Bank etc and in IT companies like TCS, Deloitte, Accenture and Cognizant
  • Placements in MRF and other industries
  • Prizes in various Quiz and presentation Competitions


  • Add on Courses in LaTeX typesetting and R Programming
  • Computer Lab for Course on Python Programming
  • Smart Class room
  • Monthly Test Series on General Mental Ability
  • Regular Training programmes on Career and Personality Development
No. Description Date
1 Test Achievement 15 September, 2021