St.Dominic’s College Kanjirapally


St Dominic’s College was started in 1965 under the Catholic management of St Dominic’s Forane Church, Kanjirappally, to cater to the higher educational needs of the parish in particular, and of the eastern parts of the Archdiocese of Changanacherry in general. This was the fulfillment of a long-felt need of this region which was one of the educationally backward areas in Kerala. When the new Diocese of Kanjirappally was formed in 1977, St Dominic’s College assumed the unique distinction of being the only institution offering higher education in the whole diocese. The college also includes in its purview the academic aspirations of the non-Catholic communities of the area and is committed to imparting education to all who seek higher learning at these doors, irrespective of caste, creed and community. This centre of learning keeps in its interests the intellectual, cultural and moral advancement of the whole area. True to the adage “Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”, the college tries to instill in the hearts of its students trust in God and faith in ethical and spiritual values. It aims at upholding the highest Christian ideals along with academic excellence. The College aims at making its students live its motto-‘Absorb and Radiate’-absorb the light of knowledge and values and transmit what they imbibe, thereby expanding the frontiers of truth and wisdom.


A Centre of learning that moulds refined individuals,quality leaders and a society of committed human beings


We strive to ensure that our students are intellectually competent,morally upright,and sensitive to the needs of fellow human beings.As a college in a rural area,catering to economically and socially disadvantaged students,it is our prime duty to equip our students for a better future by shaping their personality,strengthening their character,instilling in them a sense of responsibility,and developing their potentials to the full.