MA English

St .Dominic’s college was started in 1965 under the catholic management of St.Dominic’s Forane church Kanjirapally. The college that started functioning with Pre Degree Courses in 1965,was upgraded in 1976.Over the years it has recorded steady growth. Now it has reached its 51st year. It has 12 UG Courses and 6 PG Courses. The PG Department Of English started functioning on 23rd Sept 2013 as a self financing course under the efficient guidance of Dr. Roseline T Mathew and four other faculty members.The current faculty includes Dr.Saju Joseph , Ms.Poojitha Sathyan and Ms.Lalloo Alphonse .

Now the Department is running with 16 and 15 students in the two current batches which makes it a total of 31 students. Our department started PTA in the year 2014 with the objective of better interaction with the parents. A detailed report of the PTA activities follows: The parents who are so much interested in the progress and intellectual development of the students keeps in constant contact with the department and co-operated with the teachers. The Department conducts PTA meetings every 6 months.PTA meetings are convened at the beginning of the year and after the In Semester exams. The first PTA of the 1st PG is convened soon after the admission and the second year PTA is convened after the In Semester exams. Thus a strong link is maintained between teachers and parents.


  • Strong Management that provides all kinds of support including financial - to the department and the students.
  • Strong support from administrator- good communication level between principal and teachers.
  • Dedicated teachers and strong team work
  • Concerted effort of teachers and parents under a strong PTA for the benefit of students and institution.
  • Constant communication and sharing of ideas between parents and teachers.
  • Friendly relationships and interaction with other departments.

  • People’s negative attitude to self financing course and consequent unwillingness of bright students to join the course.
  • Lack of physical resources –space, time.
  • Absence of a good PG library
  • Academically weak students -lack of academic orientation among students.
  • Insufficient resources to provide extra input for students.
  • Difficulty to find fund sufficient funds for enrichment programmes.
  • Inadequacies of the available infrastructure such as classroom facilities.
  • Openness to all kinds of jobs for students
  • Training is given to focus on the various courses of their syllabus equipping the students appearing for recruitment tests and eligibility tests.
  • Various courses of the programme have the potential to lead to short term/add on (diploma/certificate) courses such as:
    • Communicative English
    • Film Studies
    • Translation Studies
    • Theatre/ Performance Studies
  • Opportunities for research in various areas of Language and Literature.
  • Courses like Dalit Studies, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies can lead to further research and work in areas of social relevance.
  • Maximize efforts to achieve increasingly good academic results.
  • Draw brilliant students to the programme.
  • Provide better facilities to reduce student/ faculty drop out.
  • Make all efforts to bring the department up to a full-fledged status.