Clubs & Organisations

1. College Union

All students of the college are members of college the College Union.The election to the various offices of the college union will be conducted,as per guidelines and directions issued by the Honorable High Court of Kerala,in the Parliamentary pattern.Class representatives will be elected from all classes who in turn will elect from among themselves,the various office bearers of the Union.The Principal shall be ex-officio patron of the Union. He may appoint a senior member of the teaching staff as Union Adviser.The executive of the College Union shall consist of

1. The Patron(Principal) 2. Union Advisor 3. The Chairman of the College Union 4. The Vice Chairman 5. The General Secretary 6. The Arts Club Secretary 7. The Editor of the College Magazine 8. Two Councilors to the University Union 9. A Representative each from the I DC,II DC,I PG and II PG classes. 10. Two Lady Representatives It is the duty of the executive to strive to realize the objectives of the Union and co-operate with the Principal and the staff in the maintenance of discipline.

2. National Service Scheme(NSS)

There are 2 units of the NSS functioning in the college with a sanctioned strength of 200 volunteers.Member get opportunities to take part in various constructive projects and community development programs.Camps are organised during holidays for creative social service activities.activities. Training programs are conducted for personality development and for raising civic consciousness among students.

3. The Parent-Teacher Association

This is an association of parents/guardians and teachers and it tries to ensure the active participation of the parents in the life and activities on the campus.It renders financial assistance to improve the facilities available to the students as well as support in the maintenance of discipline.The Principal is the ex-officio President of the PTA.The Vice President shall be a representative of parents and the Secretary shall be a representative of teachers.There is an executive committee too,consisting of 4 members each from parents and teachers.

4. Departmental Association

Functions under the direct supervision of the department concerned.Students of each department are members of its association.The HOD or faculty members act as the president of the association, and a student representative as secretary.Various academic /non-academic/cultural activities and enrichment programs are conducted under the auspices of the associations.

5. Former Students Association(FOSA)

The Former Students Association(FOSA) was started in 1972 as a forum for the alumni of the college to get together and keep contact with the Alma Mater.It serves as a link between the former and the present students and orients activities towards the overall development and welfare of the college.

6. Departmental Alumni

Former students of each department meet annually,reconnecting and refreshing relationships.They also take part in and contribute to the departmental activities of the department.

7. Women's Cell

Women's cell has a significant role in the activities of the college as it channelises the inborn talent and leadership qualities of the women student,motivates and inspires them and instills the spirit and power of women hood in them by organizing various activities .

8. Career Guidance Cell

Work with the aim of providing assistance and guidance to students to develop their career,making information available to students to develop their career,making information available regarding opportunities in career and higher studies,and arranging campus interviews,career guidance programs,seminars,training in group discussion,model interviews etc.are organised.Career books and journals are made available to students.

9. Civil Service Aspiring Students Club(CASC)

It aims at motivating and equipping students for civil service and equipping other major competitive examinations.The club conducts many programs for attaining its pronounced goals.They include talks by civil service personnel, management and career experts,seminars on personality development & leadership etc.

10. Human Resource Cell

Aims at facilitating personality development classes,effective public speaking training,leadership training & life guidance courses,supporting and encouraging students to acquire the skills and general knowledge needed to avail career opportunities.Also promotes ecological concern and emotional and spiritual intelligence among students.

11. Counselling Cell

The counselling cell plays a decisive role in the non-academic activities of the college by rendering personal and vocational counselling to the needy students.The service of a professional counselor are made available to the students twice a week.

12. Cell for English Communication

Formed with the specific purpose of training students to communicate effectively in English.since the inadequacy in the area is identified as the main stumbling block in their career options.The training programs of the cell aim at equipping students with all the necessary hard and soft skills to overcome their language fright,and to supplement and missing links in the curriculum.

13. Population Education Club(PEC)

From the early 1990's the Population Education Club has been functioning as the social outreach facility of the PG Department of Economics.Major initiatives under PEC include the conduct of medical camps and socio-economic surveys.It also organizes workshops for students on social issues of topical importance.It's main objective is to promote social commitment among students.

14. Value Education cell

Functions with the aim of inculcating ethical and moral values in students.Classes are conducted on Wednesdays.Toppers in the annual examination in Value Education are awarded prizes.The cell is also in charge of the weekly prayer meetings,the annual retreat for teaching/non-teaching staff and catholic students,and conducts seminars for non-Catholic students.

15. Catholic Students Movement

An organisation for the Catholic students in the college that aims at their spiritual and intellectual growth.

16. Bhoomithrasena Club(BMSC)

Under the Kerala State Directorate of Environment and Climate change Plane Scheme,"Environment Awareness and Education",entitled "Bhoomithrasena" was initiated for setting up Environment clubs in the colleges of the state for strengthening the commitments of students towards environment protection.It is intended to take up environmental protection activities and awareness extension at the grass root level especially in the vicinity of the participating colleges. Through this program, it is intended to establish Bhoo Mitra Sena Club(BMSC)in Colleges.

  • To encourage the college students appreciate environment and to be aware of the environmental issues of the locality
  • To provide environmental education opportunities for college students and involve them in addressing environment issues of the locality.
  • To utilize the enormous man power available with college students as conduits for awareness of the society.
  • To make students practice and advocate sustainable life styles

17. Tourism Club

Promotes 'tourism awareness' in the students.

18. Debate and Quiz Club

Functions with the objective of enhancing the intellectual and communicative talents of the students and encouraging habits of reading and acquiring general knowledge.Conducts quiz program and debates on issues of social,cultural and political relevance.

19. Student Teacher Opening to Police & Public (STOPP)

Functions with the objective of enhancing the intellectual and communicative talents of the students and encouraging habits of reading and acquiring general knowledge.Conducts quiz program and debates on issues of social,cultural and political relevance.